The Best Replacement Wheels for Your Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018: OEM 20-inch Wheels from OEM RIM SHOP

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The Best Replacement Wheels for Your Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018: OEM 20-inch Wheels from OEM RIM SHOP

Are you a proud owner of a Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018? Have you recently experienced a wheel mishap and need a replacement? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP – your one-stop-shop for OEM wheels. Our shop sells strictly OEM-manufactured wheels, nothing custom. We have just what you need to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.


Are you tired of scouring the internet for replacement wheels that fit your Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018? We understand the frustration it can bring. Not only can it be difficult finding a reliable source, but you want to ensure you are getting the best quality for your vehicle. At OEM RIM SHOP, we guarantee OEM-manufactured wheels at unbeatable prices.

When it comes to replacement wheels, it's crucial to choose OEM-manufactured wheels over aftermarket wheels. OEM wheels are made specifically for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Plus, they are made with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards.

The Best Replacement Wheels - OEM 20-inch Wheels

At OEM RIM SHOP, we offer a wide selection of OEM 20-inch wheels for your Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018. Our wheels have a bolt pattern of 6.5" and a width of 8", ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Plus, they come in a variety of styles to match your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.

Our selection of wheels includes the following brands:

  • Dodge
  • Ram
  • Moto Metal
  • American Racing

We guarantee that all of our wheels are authentic and come straight from the manufacturer. Plus, we make the process of finding the perfect replacement wheel easy and stress-free.

Why Choose OEM RIM SHOP?

At OEM RIM SHOP, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy source for OEM wheels. Our team of experts is well-versed in the automotive industry and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to OEM wheels. We are confident in our ability to help you find the perfect replacement wheel for your vehicle.

Plus, we offer unbeatable prices and a satisfaction guarantee. We want to ensure that our customers not only get the best quality but also the best value for their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket wheels? OEM wheels are manufactured by the same company that made your vehicle, while aftermarket wheels are made by a different company.
  2. Can I mix and match my wheels? It's not recommended to mix and match wheels. Stick with the same brand and style to ensure optimal performance.
  3. How do I know if a wheel will fit my vehicle? Check your vehicle's owner's manual or consult with an expert to ensure proper fitment.
  4. Can I sell my used OEM wheels to OEM RIM SHOP? Yes, we buy used OEM wheels. Send pictures of the wheels and their condition to (949) 478-2033.
  5. Do you offer installation services? We do not offer installation services, but we can recommend trusted professionals in your area.


When it comes to replacing your Dodge 2500 PICKUP 2014-2018 wheels, OEM RIM SHOP is the best choice. Our selection of OEM 20-inch wheels ensures a perfect fit for your vehicle, and our dedication to customer satisfaction guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. Don't settle for aftermarket wheels – choose OEM RIM SHOP for the best quality and value.