Title: Upgrade Your Ride: Find the Perfect OEM Wheel at OEM RIM SHOP

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Title: Upgrade Your Ride: Find the Perfect OEM Wheel at OEM RIM SHOP


Looking to enhance your vehicle's style and performance? Look no further! At OEM RIM SHOP, we specialize in providing high-quality OEM manufactured wheels. Whether you need to replace a damaged wheel or upgrade all four, we have the perfect options for you. Our team of automotive experts is here to ensure you find the right wheel size, bolt pattern, and width to suit your vehicle's needs. Join countless satisfied customers who have already transformed their rides with our top-notch wheels!

OEM Wheel Diameter, Bolt Pattern, and Width: Enhance Your Ride!

Are you tired of your vehicle's worn-out wheels or longing for a fresh, striking look? Upgrading your OEM wheels is an excellent way to enhance both the appearance and performance of your ride. At OEM RIM SHOP, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wheel size, bolt pattern, and width to achieve your desired outcome.

Wheel Diameter:

The wheel diameter plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your vehicle. Not only does it impact aesthetics, but it also affects the handling and performance of your ride. We offer a wide range of wheel diameters to cater to different vehicle types and preferences. From sleek and sporty to sophisticated and sturdy, we have the right wheel diameter to suit your needs.

Bolt Pattern:

Ensuring your new wheels' bolt pattern matches your vehicle is vital for a secure fitment. At OEM RIM SHOP, we have a comprehensive selection of wheels with various bolt patterns to ensure a perfect match for your vehicle. Our team of experts can guide you through the measurements to confirm the correct bolt pattern, providing you with peace of mind and effortless installation.


Choosing the right wheel width is essential for achieving the desired visual impact and performance enhancement. A wider wheel can provide increased stability and handling benefits, lending your ride a more aggressive stance. Our extensive inventory includes different width options, allowing you to customize your vehicle's appearance while maintaining optimum performance.

In conclusion, at OEM RIM SHOP, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect OEM wheels that meet your specific requirements. With our expertise in the automotive industry and extensive inventory of high-quality wheels, you can be confident in upgrading your ride. Don't forget, we also buy used OEM wheels! Simply send pictures of your wheels to (949) 478-2033. Upgrade your ride today and experience the difference in style and performance!


1. Can I install OEM wheels on any vehicle? Yes, we offer a diverse range of OEM wheel options compatible with different vehicle makes and models. Our experts can assist you in finding the perfect fit for your specific vehicle.

2. How do I measure the bolt pattern of my current wheels? To determine the bolt pattern, simply measure the distance between two adjacent bolt holes, either across the centerline or from the center of one bolt hole to the outer edge of the opposite bolt hole.

3. Can I replace just one wheel instead of all four? Absolutely! If you only need to replace a damaged or broken wheel, we can help you find an OEM replacement that matches your remaining wheels.

4. Will upgrading my OEM wheels affect my vehicle's performance? Upgrading to OEM wheels can often enhance your vehicle's performance. By choosing the right diameter and width, you can improve handling, stability, and traction.

5. Do you offer any warranties on your OEM wheels? Yes, we stand behind the quality of our OEM wheels. We offer warranties on our products to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Please speak to our customer service team for specific warranty details.