The Ultimate Guide to Ford Mustang 2015-2016 OEM Wheel Replacement

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The Ultimate Guide to Ford Mustang 2015-2016 OEM Wheel Replacement

Are you a Ford Mustang owner looking to replace your damaged or broken wheels? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP. As industry experts in OEM wheel replacement, we offer a vast selection of strictly OEM manufactured wheels for your Ford Mustang, including the 2015-2016 model with a 19-inch diameter, 4.5-inch bolt pattern, and 9-inch width. But why choose OEM wheels over custom options?

The Benefits of OEM Wheels

First and foremost, OEM wheels are factory-built to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Unlike custom options, OEM wheels undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee safety and durability. Additionally, OEM wheels retain your vehicle's original appearance and value, whereas custom wheels can decrease resale value.

Furthermore, OEM wheels offer a hassle-free replacement process. With our extensive inventory of OEM wheels, you can easily find a replacement that matches your existing wheels, avoiding the need for new tires or additional modifications.


At OEM RIM SHOP, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality OEM wheels at competitive prices. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and helping you find the perfect replacement for your Ford Mustang wheels.

In addition to our vast selection of new OEM wheels, we also offer the option to buy used OEM wheels. Simply send pictures to (949) 478-2033, and we will provide a quote for your used wheels.


  1. Are OEM wheels more expensive than custom options?

While OEM wheels may be slightly more expensive upfront than custom options, they ultimately provide superior performance, durability, and resale value.

  1. Do OEM wheels require any special maintenance?

No, OEM wheels require the same maintenance as any other wheels. Ensure proper tire inflation and regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and longevity.

  1. Can I replace just one OEM wheel rather than all four?

While it is possible to replace just one OEM wheel, it is recommended to replace all four to ensure even wear and optimal performance.

  1. How do I know if an OEM wheel will fit my vehicle?

Check your vehicle's owner manual or consult with a professional to determine the exact wheel specifications needed for your vehicle.

  1. Can I install OEM wheels myself?

While it is possible to install OEM wheels yourself, it is recommended to have a professional mechanic perform the installation to ensure proper alignment and safety.

In conclusion, when it comes to replacing your Ford Mustang 2015-2016 wheels, choosing OEM RIM SHOP provides a hassle-free, high-quality solution. Our team of experts and vast inventory of OEM wheels ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance, while retaining your vehicle's original appearance and value. Contact us today for all your OEM wheel replacement needs.