Discovering the Perfect OEM Wheel: Understanding Diameter, Bolt Pattern, and Width

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Discovering the Perfect OEM Wheel: Understanding Diameter, Bolt Pattern, and Width


Are you in the market for a new OEM wheel but feeling overwhelmed by all the technical jargon? Look no further! Our experts at OEM RIM SHOP are here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect wheel for your vehicle. From understanding wheel diameter to bolt patterns and width, we've got you covered!

OEM Wheel Diameter, Bolt Pattern, and Width Explained

Are you unsure about the specifications of your OEM wheel? Let us break it down for you. The diameter of a wheel refers to the size of the wheel from one side to the other, typically measured in inches. The bolt pattern, on the other hand, determines how the wheel will attach to your vehicle. Lastly, the width of the wheel plays a crucial role in determining the handling and performance of your vehicle.

Choosing the right OEM wheel size is essential for both safety and aesthetics. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle, whether you're replacing a damaged wheel or upgrading all four.


At OEM RIM SHOP, we not only sell OEM wheels but also buy used ones. Send us pictures of your wheels at (949) 478-2033 for a quick appraisal!


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