Upgrade Your Ride with Used OEM Wheels at Unbeatable Prices! SAW10343.

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6 lug
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#Replace Your Damaged or Broken Wheels with OEM Rims for Ford F150 Pickup Trucks 2021-2022#

Are you in need of new wheels for your Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022 due to damages or broken rims? Look no further, OEM RIM SHOP provides strictly OEM manufactured wheels, ensuring quality and durability of your vehicle. Our wheels are made to fit perfectly with your Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022, without any modifications needed.

##The Perfect Fit and Quality You Deserve##

The Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022 comes with a specific wheel diameter of 18, bolt pattern of 135mm, and width of 8.5". OEM RIM SHOP has researched and ensured that our OEM wheels hold these exact specifications for your convenience. Our wheels are manufactured by the same company that produced your original wheels; hence, the same quality and durability are guaranteed. OEM wheels can withstand years of wear and tear, ensuring that your Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022 stays running smoothly and efficiently.

When you replace all four wheels on your Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022 with OEM wheels, your vehicle's appearance transforms, giving it a fresh and improved look. The right wheels can provide a personalized touch to your vehicle, enhancing its overall look and feel. With OEM RIM SHOP, we provide you with a range of OEM options for your Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022, while ensuring you get the perfect fit and quality you deserve.


  1. Do you only sell OEM wheels for Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022?
  • Yes, we strictly sell OEM manufactured wheels for this specific vehicle model.
  1. Are your wheels compatible with all Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022?
  • Yes, we ensure that our wheels are produced with the exact specifications for the vehicle.
  1. Can I sell my used OEM wheels to you?
  • Yes, we buy used OEM wheels, please send pictures to (949) 478-2033 for an estimate.
  1. What is the delivery time for OEM wheels?
  • We aim to ship the wheels within 24 hours of purchase, up to 3-5 business days depending on your location.
  1. Do you offer installation services for OEM wheels?
  • No, but we recommend consulting with a professional mechanic or automotive shop for installation.

##In Conclusion##

OEM RIM SHOP is the go-to shop for those in need of replacing their damaged or broken wheels for their Ford F150 Pickup truck 2021-2022. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch quality wheels that are produced to the same specifications as your original wheels. Contact us today and give your vehicle the perfect and durable look it deserves.