The Ultimate Guide to Finding 18-Inch OEM Wheels for Your Nissan Titan (2013-2022)

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding 18-Inch OEM Wheels for Your Nissan Titan (2013-2022)

Are you in search of the perfect replacement wheels for your Nissan Titan (2013-2022)? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP, the one-stop-shop for OEM-manufactured wheels built to your vehicle’s exact specifications. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know when searching for OEM wheels, including diameter, bolt pattern, and width.


Your Nissan Titan deserves the finest OEM-manufactured wheels on the market, and we’re here to help you find them. Our team of experts has worked in the automotive industry for years, and we understand the importance of finding the right wheels for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about OEM wheels and how to select the perfect size and pattern for your Nissan Titan.

How to Find the Perfect OEM Wheels

When it comes to purchasing new wheels for your Nissan Titan, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to pay attention to the diameter of the wheels. For the Nissan Titan (2013-2022), the OEM wheel diameter is 18 inches. The bolt pattern is equally important – for the Nissan Titan (2013-2022), the bolt pattern is 5.5 inches. Finally, you’ll want to consider the width of the wheels, which should be 8 inches for this vehicle model.

Choosing the right OEM wheels for your Nissan Titan is not just about the technical specifications – it’s also about making sure the wheels look great on your vehicle. Our team of experts can help you select a design that complements your Nissan Titan’s overall aesthetic while also providing the perfect fit.


In summary, finding the perfect OEM wheels for your Nissan Titan (2013-2022) involves considering the diameter, bolt pattern, and width of the wheels. Our team at OEM RIM SHOP can help you choose the best option for your vehicle’s needs, whether you need to replace a damaged or broken wheel or want to upgrade all four.

And, if you have used OEM wheels that you’re looking to sell, we buy them! Simply send a picture to (949) 478-2033 to receive a quote.


  1. What does OEM mean? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning the wheels are manufactured by the same company that made your vehicle.

  2. Can I install custom wheels on my Nissan Titan (2013-2022)? While it’s certainly possible to install custom wheels on your Nissan Titan, it may affect the performance and warranty of the vehicle. We recommend sticking with OEM-manufactured wheels for the best fit and performance.

  3. Are OEM wheels more expensive than aftermarket wheels? OEM wheels may come at a higher price point than aftermarket options, but they are designed to match your vehicle’s precise specifications for the best fit and performance.

  4. How can I determine the right bolt pattern for my Nissan Titan’s OEM wheels? The bolt pattern for your Nissan Titan’s OEM wheels should be listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You can also ask our team at OEM RIM SHOP for assistance.

  5. What is the benefit of upgrading all four wheels at once? Upgrading all four wheels at once ensures that you have consistent performance and appearance across all tires. It can also extend the lifespan of the tires by preventing uneven wear and tear.