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Title: OEM Mazda RX7 Wheels: Perfect Fit for Your Classic Ride

Introduction: Looking for the perfect set of wheels to fit your 1986-1988 Mazda RX7? Look no further than OEM Rim Shop! We specialize in providing authentic OEM wheels manufactured by Mazda, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance for your vehicle. Whether you need to replace a damaged wheel or want to upgrade all four, we have you covered.


Are you tired of scouring the web for aftermarket wheels that never seem to fit your Mazda RX7 just right? Look no further than OEM Rim Shop, where we only sell authentic OEM wheels designed specifically for your vehicle.

Our Mazda RX7 1986-1988 OEM wheel diameter is 14 inches, with a bolt pattern of 4 x 114.3mm and a width of 6 inches. These specs are crucial for choosing the right set of wheels for your car, as anything that deviates from these specifications could result in decreased performance or even damage to your vehicle.

Not only do OEM wheels provide optimal performance and a perfect fit, but they also maintain the original look and style of your vehicle. When it comes to classic cars like the Mazda RX7, authenticity is key. Why settle for cheap imitations when you can have the real deal?

At OEM Rim Shop, we understand how important it is to find the right wheels for your ride. That's why we offer a wide selection of Mazda RX7 OEM wheels to choose from, all at competitive prices. We'll help you find the perfect set to match your vehicle's unique style and performance needs.

Conclusion: Looking for the perfect set of wheels to complete your Mazda RX7 restoration project? Look no further than OEM Rim Shop. We offer a wide selection of authentic OEM wheels, ensuring optimal performance and a perfect fit for your classic ride. And, if you're looking to sell your old OEM wheels, we're interested in buying them! Simply send pictures to (949) 478-2033 to get started.


  1. Can I install non-OEM wheels on my Mazda RX7? While it is possible to replace OEM wheels with aftermarket options, we strongly recommend sticking with Mazda's original specifications for optimal performance and safety.

  2. What if I can't find the exact specifications for my Mazda RX7 wheels? Give us a call or send us a message - our experts can help you find the right wheels for your vehicle.

  3. Do you offer any warranties on your OEM wheels? Yes! All of our OEM wheels come with a warranty against defects for your peace of mind.

  4. Can I find Mazda RX7 OEM wheels for other years at OEM Rim Shop? Absolutely - we offer a wide selection of Mazda RX7 wheels for all years and models.

  5. How long does it take to receive my Mazda RX7 OEM wheels? Shipping times vary depending on your location, but we always strive to get your wheels to you as quickly as possible.