OEM Wheels for Your Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017: Perfect Fit Guaranteed

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OEM Wheels for Your Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017: Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Are you looking for reliable OEM wheels for your Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP! Our shop specializes in selling only OEM-manufactured wheels, ensuring the perfect fit for your vehicle every time. Whether you need to replace a damaged wheel or all four, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about how we can help you!

Why You Should Choose OEM Wheels for Your Touareg

Choosing the right wheels for your Touareg can be daunting, but trust us when we say that OEM wheels are the best option. Not only are they designed specifically for your vehicle, but they also meet all of the strict quality standards set by the manufacturer. This means that you can easily replace your damaged wheels with the same ones that came with your car, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Plus, OEM wheels have a higher resale value than aftermarket ones, making them a smart investment for your vehicle.

About Our Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 OEM Wheels

Our Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 OEM wheels come in a diameter of 19 inches, with a bolt pattern of 130mm and a width of 8.5 inches. Made by the manufacturer themselves, you can be assured of their quality and reliability. Not only do we sell these wheels at an affordable price range, but we also offer a 100% fitment guarantee, with free shipping within the contiguous United States.

The Benefits of OEM RIM SHOP

At OEM RIM SHOP, we're committed to providing all of our customers with the best possible experience. Our team of automotive OEM wheel industry experts and very proficient SEO content writers are always ready to answer any of your questions and provide you with the necessary help you need. We make sure to use SEO keywords that help your search for the perfect wheel become effortless. We'll also buy your used OEM wheels, just send us pictures to (949) 478-2033 so we can give you an offer you can't refuse.


  1. How do I know if the wheels will fit my Touareg?

Answer: We offer a 100% fitment guarantee, so you can be assured that the wheels will fit your Touareg perfectly.

  1. Do you offer any warranties?

Answer: All of our OEM wheels come with a one-year warranty against any defects or damages.

  1. How do I place an order?

Answer: You can place an order on our website, or simply give us a call to speak to our customer service representatives who would be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Currently, we only offer free shipping within the contiguous United States.

  1. Can I return the wheels if I'm not satisfied?

Answer: We offer a hassle-free return policy, where you can return the wheels within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.