The Definitive Guide for BMW Z4 2009-2016 OEM Wheels

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The Definitive Guide for BMW Z4 2009-2016 OEM Wheels

Are you looking for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels for your BMW Z4 2009-2016? You're in the right place! At OEM RIM SHOP, we offer only the best-quality OEM wheels for your ride. In this article, we will guide you through the information you need to know about OEM wheels for your BMW Z4.


Your car's wheels are not just a part of the aesthetic, but they also play a significant role in your car's performance. Your wheels provide essential traction, and it is essential to have high-quality wheels that suit your BMW Z4. Many aftermarket car parts dealers will try to sell you replicas or custom wheels, but at OEM RIM SHOP, our focus is on OEM wheels that conform to the high standards of BMW manufacturing.

BMW Z4 2009-2016 OEM Wheels

If you're looking for OEM BMW wheels for your Z4, you should first know that the diameter is 18", the bolt pattern is 120mm, and the width is 8.5". It is essential to know these details so that you can buy wheels that fit your car seamlessly.

OEM wheels are designed with your specific BMW model in mind so that you get the best possible performance, fuel efficiency, and ride quality. An OEM wheel is an exact replica of the wheel that came with your BMW. Therefore, you are assured that it will fit perfectly and perform optimally.

At OEM RIM SHOP, our BMW Z4 2009-2016 OEM wheels selection guarantees you high-quality OEM wheels that conform to OEM standards. Whether you're replacing a damaged wheel or upgrading your Z4's appearance, we've got you covered.


  • Why should I choose OEM wheels over aftermarket wheels? OEM wheels offer better quality, fit, and finish than aftermarket wheels. They are made to fit your BMW's specifications and provide optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and ride quality.

  • How do I make sure the OEM wheels will fit my BMW? Ensure that you check your BMW's wheel diameter and bolt pattern before purchasing OEM wheels. You can also consult with our experts for guidance.

  • Can I use aftermarket lug nuts on my OEM wheels? It is not advisable to use aftermarket lug nuts on your OEM wheels as they may not be compatible and may compromise your car's safety and performance.

  • Can I replace just one wheel? It is not recommended to replace just one wheel as it can affect your car's handling, stability, and safety. It is best to replace all four wheels for optimal performance.

  • Do you buy used OEM wheels? Yes, we buy used OEM wheels. Customers can send pictures of their used OEM wheels to (949) 478-2033 for a quote.


When it comes to BMW Z4 OEM wheels, OEM RIM SHOP has got you covered. Our OEM wheels conform to OEM standards, ensuring you get the best quality, fit, and finish. We have a broad selection of OEM wheels, so you're assured of finding what you need for your BMW Z4 2009-2016. Don't settle for less; upgrade your BMW Z4's appearance and performance with OEM wheels from OEM RIM SHOP.