Upgrade Your Ride with Authentic Acura MDX 2023-2023 OEM Wheels!

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Upgrade Your Ride with Authentic Acura MDX 2023-2023 OEM Wheels!


Are you looking to enhance the look and performance of your Acura MDX 2023-2023? Look no further! At OEM RIM SHOP, we specialize in selling strictly OEM manufactured wheels. Whether you need to replace a damaged or broken wheel, or if you are looking to replace all four wheels, we have the perfect solution for you. Our commitment to quality ensures that you'll get wheels that not only fit your vehicle perfectly but also elevate your driving experience.

Acura MDX 2023-2023 OEM Wheel Diameter, Bolt Pattern, and Width:

When it comes to choosing the right wheels for your Acura MDX 2023-2023, it's essential to consider the diameter, bolt pattern, and width. These specifications play a crucial role in optimizing your vehicle's performance and giving it a stylish upgrade.

Diameter: The OEM wheel diameter for the Acura MDX 2023-2023 typically ranges from 18 inches to 20 inches. Choosing the right diameter ensures a perfect fit and maintains the overall balance of your vehicle.

Bolt Pattern: The bolt pattern for the Acura MDX 2023-2023 is crucial in determining whether a wheel can be mounted properly. It consists of the number of bolts and the distances between them. For the MDX 2023-2023, the bolt pattern is typically 5x120, meaning there are five bolts with a 120mm distance between them.

Width: The width of the OEM wheels for the Acura MDX 2023-2023 varies depending on your specific model and trim level. It typically ranges from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches. Choosing the right width enhances stability and handling, allowing you to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride.

At OEM RIM SHOP, we offer a wide selection of authentic Acura MDX 2023-2023 OEM wheels, precisely engineered to meet these specifications. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Upgrade Your Ride Today!

Why settle for anything less than perfection when upgrading your Acura MDX 2023-2023? Our OEM wheels not only provide a seamless fit but also enhance the overall aesthetics and performance of your vehicle. By investing in genuine OEM wheels, you can experience uncompromised quality, durability, and style.

Imagine cruising down the road with head-turning wheels, knowing that you've made a smart investment in your vehicle. Our OEM wheels are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

Don't compromise on safety and performance by opting for aftermarket wheels. Choose OEM RIM SHOP for reliable and high-quality OEM wheels that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Upgrade your Acura MDX 2023-2023 with authentic OEM wheels from OEM RIM SHOP! Our extensive collection of OEM manufactured wheels guarantees a perfect fit, impeccable quality, and a unique style that sets your vehicle apart. We also buy used OEM wheels, so feel free to send pictures to (949) 478-2033 for a fair quote. Enhance your driving experience today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I install OEM wheels on my Acura MDX 2023-2023 by myself? Installing OEM wheels on your Acura MDX 2023-2023 is best done by professionals to ensure proper fitment and alignment. We recommend consulting with our experienced technicians for a seamless installation.

2. Are OEM wheels more expensive than aftermarket wheels? While OEM wheels may have a higher initial cost, they offer superior quality and durability compared to aftermarket wheels. Investing in OEM wheels ensures long-term satisfaction and value for your money.

3. Do OEM wheels improve the performance of my Acura MDX 2023-2023? Yes, OEM wheels are engineered to enhance the performance of your vehicle. They are designed to provide optimal balance, stability, and handling, resulting in an improved driving experience.

4. Can I mix and match OEM wheels from different models or years? To ensure compatibility and performance, it is recommended to use OEM wheels specifically designed for your Acura MDX 2023-2023 model and year. Mixing and matching wheels may compromise safety and performance.

5. Do OEM wheels come with a warranty? Yes, OEM wheels typically come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty protects against any defects in materials or workmanship, offering peace of mind and assurance.