Replacing Your Toyota Tundra OEM Wheels: Everything You Need to Know

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Replacing Your Toyota Tundra OEM Wheels: Everything You Need to Know

Are you in the market for new Toyota Tundra OEM wheels? Maybe you've recently damaged one or all of your wheels, or you're looking to upgrade your vehicle's appearance. Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP for all of your OEM wheel needs.

What to Know About Toyota Tundra OEM Wheels

If you own a Toyota Tundra manufactured between 2022-2022, your OEM wheel diameter is 18 inches with a bolt pattern that is not applicable and a width of 7.5 inches. When replacing your wheels, it's crucial to stick with OEM wheels as they are designed specifically for your vehicle. Custom wheels may look nice, but they can impact your vehicle's performance and safety.

Why Choose OEM RIM SHOP?

At OEM RIM SHOP, we pride ourselves on providing only the best OEM wheels for our customers. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle's performance and safety top-notch, which is why we offer only OEM wheels. Our extensive inventory means we have a wide variety of wheels to choose from, and our experts are trained to give you the advice needed to select the best wheel for your vehicle.

Aside from our inventory, we also have a program where we purchase used OEM wheels. If you recently replaced your wheels and still have the used ones on hand, don't let them sit around collecting dust. Send us pictures of your wheels to (949) 478-2033. We can offer you a fair price, and you can feel good knowing your wheels will be recycled.


  1. What's the difference between OEM wheels and custom wheels? Answer: OEM wheels are wheels designed specifically for your vehicle, while custom wheels are manufactured outside of your vehicle's specifications.

  2. Do I need to replace all four wheels if only one is damaged? Answer: It's always recommended to replace all four wheels at once to ensure proper balance and performance.

  3. Can I install OEM wheels myself? Answer: It's best to have your OEM wheels installed by a professional mechanic to ensure they are installed correctly.

  4. Will OEM wheels fit on any vehicle? Answer: No, OEM wheels are only designed to fit specific vehicles.

  5. How can I determine the correct size of OEM wheels for my vehicle? Answer: You can find the correct size in your vehicle's owner's manual or by contacting a wheel expert at OEM RIM SHOP.

In conclusion, OEM RIM SHOP is the go-to destination for all of your Toyota Tundra OEM wheel needs. Stick with OEM wheels to ensure the best performance and safety for your vehicle. Plus, we'll even purchase your used wheels to recycle them and give you a fair price. Contact us today for all of your OEM wheel needs.