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Chevrolet GMC EXPRESS 2500 VAN PICKUP OEM Wheel 1988-2002 09591153 RHK 09592420 RAJ 4x2 Rim STEEL Original Factory

CODE: 46607
Chevrolet GMC EXPRESS 2500 VAN PICKUP OEM Wheel 1988-2002 09591153 RHK 09592420 RAJ 4x2 Rim STEEL Original Factory
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Part Parameters
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New Or Used
Front Or Rear
RAJ, 09591153, 09592420, RHK
Bolt Pattern
Lug Nuts Holes
6 lug
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Important Note about Tire Size Compatibility

Are you wondering if this rim will fit your tire?"

That's an excellent question. One straightforward way to determine this is by checking your tire and locating the letter. "R". For instance, you can check your tire sidewall for a combination of letters and numbers, such as P215/60R16 or 225/45ZR17. This code indicates the tire size, which includes the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter. By matching this tire size with the rim size, you can ensure that the rim will fit your tire correctly. :

  • R15= 15" Tire (fits a 15" rim)
  • R16= 16" Tire (fits a 16" rim)
  • R17= 17" Tire (fits a 17" rim)
  • R18= 18" Tire (fits a 18" rim)
  • R19= 19" Tire (fits a 19" rim)
  • R20= 20" Tire (fits a 20" rim)
  • R21= 21" Tire (fits a 21" rim)
  • R22= 22" Tire (fits a 22" rim)
Chevrolet GMC EXPRESS 2500 VAN PICKUP OEM Wheel 1988-2002 09591153 RHK 09592420 RAJ 4x2 Rim STEEL Original Factory

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Product Specifications: Diameter: 16", Width: 6.5", Bolt Pattern: 5.5", Lug Nuts: 6 lug, OEM Part Number: RAJ,09591153,09592420,RHK, fitment: Chevrolet 2500 PICKUP 1988-1998 Chevrolet EXPRESS 2500 VAN 1996-2002 GMC 2500 PICKUP 1988-1998 GMC SAVANA 2500 VAN 1996-2002

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