Upgrade Your Kia Stinger with OEM Wheels from OEM RIM SHOP

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Upgrade Your Kia Stinger with OEM Wheels from OEM RIM SHOP


Are you in the market for replacement OEM wheels for your Kia Stinger 2022-2023? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP! We specialize in selling strictly OEM manufactured wheels for customers looking to replace damaged or broken wheels, or those looking to upgrade all four wheels on their vehicle. With our expertise in the automotive OEM wheel industry and proficient SEO content writing, we are here to guide you on choosing the perfect wheels for your Kia Stinger.

## Kia Stinger 2022-2023 OEM Wheel Specs:

When it comes to upgrading your Kia Stinger, the right wheel diameter, bolt pattern, and width are crucial. The Kia Stinger 2022-2023 OEM wheels typically come in a diameter of XX inches, a bolt pattern of XXX, and a width of XXX inches. These OEM wheels are designed to perfectly fit your Kia Stinger, providing optimal performance and style on the road.

Is your Kia Stinger ready for a wheel upgrade? Look no further than OEM RIM SHOP for a wide selection of OEM wheels for your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and how we can help enhance your driving experience. We buy used OEM wheels! Send us pictures to (949) 478-2033 for a quick quote.


  1. Q: Can I mix OEM wheels with aftermarket wheels on my Kia Stinger? A: We recommend sticking to OEM wheels for the best performance and fit.

  2. Q: Do you offer installation services for the wheels purchased from OEM RIM SHOP? A: We specialize in selling OEM wheels only, but we can recommend reputable installation services in your area.

  3. Q: Are OEM wheels more expensive than aftermarket wheels? A: While OEM wheels may have a higher price tag, they offer better quality and performance for your vehicle.

  4. Q: Can I return the OEM wheels if they don't fit my Kia Stinger? A: We offer a return policy for unused wheels with a small restocking fee.

  5. Q: Do you offer financing options for purchasing OEM wheels? A: We do not offer financing directly, but we can provide information on third-party financing options available.